Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 10- November 12th

Today was awesome! I can't believe I only have three days left ): It makes me sad just thinking about it! Nothing extremely special happened today but I've made some really good friends here and I will miss them extremely when I leave. Anyways I woke up today a little late and was rushing to get ready in time. They make sure to eat breakfast here every morning and I never really have time to do that at home. It gives me more energy in the early morning to enjoy the school day! The first class they we had was Media Production. They have a video due friday where they have to make a public service announcement. I'm in one of the groups and we are making a video about how drugs are bad. I'm a body guard and a lawyer. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

After media production, we had history. The class is learning about Hawaii and how the United States took it and made it a part of our country. It's really interesting and I'm learning a lot that I didn't know about it before! I honestly didn't know that it was taken by force and there was a monarchy in place before. I don't know what I assumed it was like before, but that fact surprised me!

In the schedule, after the first two classes, there is a snack time. You can hang out with friends and eat food, but sometimes there are meetings. Every friday they have a class meeting and last week they talked about community service requirements. After that there are two more classes and then lunch. The class before lunch is the long period. After snack was math. They are working on factoring which I find strange since they would have already been over all of that in Algebra 1 and some in Geometry. Then we had Chemistry, which was a lab. The lab was over Physical and Chemical changes which we covered a long time before they did. The teacher says that she likes to skip that Chapter and come back to it because she doesn't think there is a reason to spend so much time on it. The lab was fun and I did it with Daniella, one of the girls in the class!

After lunch was Mythology. There was a quiz today and I think I did fairly well on it (I've been taking the quizzes because why not!). We are learning about the Norse Gods like Thor and Loki so tomorrow they are watching the Avengers! I'm excited to watch it because it's one of my favorite movies of all time! Then on thursday all the people in the class are dressing up like the Norse Gods! I'm going to take a lot of pictures :)

The last class of the day was Spanish. It has gotten easier to understand but I'm not able to do very much in it! They were working on an outline today and in the last class, so I did not have the material to know what was going on.

After school Sofia had to stay after to record a video so I mostly hung out with one of the boys there named Roberto while they recorded. He's funny and a goofball and reminds me of my friends at home!

Instead of going with Sofia and Gladys to their piano, I went with their grandma and Miguel to his swim class. He's so adorable! After that we went back home and I ate dinner by myself while Miguel got a bath. I've been surrounded by people for the past 10 days so it was sort of nice just to have 15 minutes to myself.

I'm now in their art room blogging and watching National Treasure 2! What a classic :)  Only 3 more days at Commonwealth ): It's going to be sad leaving!! Anyway, Here are the pictures from today (: Night!

Daniella and our chemistry creations!  

 During Mythology class, I sat in Jorge's seat and he was little upset. Above is Paola and Pedro.

Above and below its a photo shoot for the video Sophia was making! The other Sophia in her class and other Paola! Haha.

 Careful Sophia! 

At Miguel's swim class! 

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  1. Hello Grace!
    So happy to read your blogs! And enjoy your pictures of you and your new friends and host family! They are lovely girls! I'm glad you were able to go to El Morro, the historic fort on the coast! The Caribbean is so historic and the history class gives you another perspective on the place of the United States in their history.
    I hope that your Spanish speaking has improved, can you imagine how good you would be if you spent a semester there? I am so jealous that you are able to really communicate in another language.
    Enjoy the final holiday and celebration! That is why I wanted you to come for the first
    two weeks! A unique experience.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Mrs. K