Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 13- November 15th

Yesterday was the best day of all! School was like every Friday every, went by really fast. During the last 30 minutes of English we had a "going away party" which really just consisted of eating brownies and watching youtube videos which was perfect! The day went by so fast and it didn't even feel like it was my last day! I knew I was coming back to the school for Noche Puertorriqueña so it must not have hit me yet! We went back to the girls house and changed into normal clothing for the Cheesecake Factory! I forgot to mention that I wore their uniform today! It was actually sort of fun(: I straightened my hair and tried to look nice for my last day!

Anyway, after we changed, we went to the Cheesecake Factory with Julian and Mariola. I've never been there and I was never a big fan of cheese cake but the pasta was really good and the cheesecake that I got, the Smores kind, was delicious! The girls told the waiters it was my birthday so they came out singing happy birthday to me in Spanish. Now that was embarrassing! Especially because it was not even close to my birthday ;) It was a really fun last dinner in Puerto Rico! After we ate, their grandma and Miguel took our table to eat so Julian's brother gave us a ride to CPS to go to Noche Puertorriqueña. When we got there the auditorium was full so we had to sit on the floor! It started out with a dance and then would alternate between a live performance and videos that the students made. Even though they were all in Spanish, I could understand a lot of it and I could tell they were funny by the way they were being told, plus everyone else was laughing! They ended it was a group playing the drums, singing, and dancing which was really cool to watch! I loved every second of it! At the end, we had to leave so saying goodbye to everyone was the hardest part. I didn't cry per say but it was getting there. Everyone was so nice to me and it's sad that I could only stay for two weeks! I won't be able to see these awesome friends that I've made for a really long time, if not ever again! Just thinking about it makes me sad!

After we said goodbye, their dad took us to get our stuff and then to his house. I slept on the trundle in Gladys's room and she told me this morning that I was really cold and curled up in a ball so she gave me some of her blankets!! I made her bed for her because it's the least I could do and she came up to me and said "Who gave you permission to make my bed!?" It was very funny. We are about to eat breakfast now and I can't believe I got to the airport in two hours. I don't want to leave! It's been an amazing trip and I'm so grateful to have this experience! While I miss my friends at home, I will miss the friends that I made here a lot! Goodbye Puerto Rico ):
                               Gladys                                                              Paoli 


Paoli and Jorge 

Stephanie and Paoli 


 Daniella                                                   Stephanie

Why I love my host sisters 

 Stephanie and Sofia.                       I wore the school uniform

At the Cheesecake Factory



Stephanie, Gladys, Mariola 

Noche Puertorriqueña: 

 I love everyone in these pictures and more who I didn't get the pleasure to take a picture with. I miss you all already so much! ¡Adíos mis amigos!  <3

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