Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 2- November 4

¡Hola a Puerto Rico! Today was my first real day here. I woke up today at 6:15 (which felt like 4:15 to me!) and got ready to go to the school here in Puerto Rico. The kids there have a uniform but I just had to wear long pants. I ate a nice croissant sandwich for breakfast and they had already packed me a lunch for me to take to school! They are sooo nice! They refuse to let me do the dishes but I feel bad so I'm sure sooner or later I'll sneak in some help in there(:

After I woke up we went to school and the school is very small! It's about the same size as our highschool, maybe even a little bit smaller. All the classrooms are inside, but the rest of the school is outside! ¡La escuela está muy bella! (The school is very beautiful!). The classes are really cool and they seem to be learning the same thing that I am learning except for Spanish which was really hard to understand. They all talk so fast it's intimidating! I'm really nervous to try out mi español because I don't want to look too silly! However, it is a really cool experience. I went to all the classes with the triplets, Sofia, Gladys, and Stephanie, except I went to Mythology because Stephanie and Gladys go to fitness which I can't do and Stephanie goes to Portuguese which I would be even more confused in! It's scary to sit in a classroom full of kids that are speaking mostly Spanish and you don't know really any of them!

Anyways, my favorite class was Chemistry so far! Mostly because I actually understood what was going on! English was fun too because they were talking about The Scarlet Letter and I recently read that for my English class! They are all really impressive because they are basically fluent in both Spanish and English! I really hope that I can pick up more Spanish here and maybe be able to join in on the conversations at school. The kids talk so fast though and it's hard to even make out what they are saying! However, this is a really really amazing experience that not many people get to have so I feel very grateful to have it!

After school, their grandma picked me up and drove us back home. I was sort of relieved to get out of the school of loud teenagers! They are all packed in together and the first day while fun, was really intimidating. Anyways, after school, when we got home I immediately had to change our of my long pants because it's so hot here! Stephanie went to swim practice and Sofia, Gladys, and I ate our dinner. They eat pretty early here! It's nice because I was really hungry (per usual)! I tried a dish that had plantains in it! It was very good! I thought I wouldn't like it but was really surprised when I liked it so much. After I got to try that I helped Sophia and her grandma make tostones and rice! It was a really cool experience. The tostones were also DELICIOUS! I was worried coming here that I wouldn't like the good but so far that hasn't been a real problem!

The only part about this trip that is stressful s when all the students are talking Spanish and while I can understand some of it, I'm lost for most of it! It takes a lot of energy just to understand that much but I do hope that it makes me a better Spanish speaker! It's so nice here and I'm excited for tomorrow! Here are some pictures that I took today!!

Pictures from their math class today

 Stephanie making her collage.

Made some tostones with Sophia!

 Stephanie just enjoying her nice dinner :)

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