Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 3- November 5

I went to bed so early last night but when I woke up I was still really tired! Stephanie woke me up today and I got ready as usual. We ate breakfast and then their dad picked us all up and took us to school! The second day was much better than first. I actually knew some of their classmates names and felt more comfortable. It was also a little easier to understand what they were saying in Spanish so I think that's a good step! I hope to be a pro by the time I leave! Or, at least, be able to hold a conversation in Spanish without feeling completely lost!

The day seemed to go a lot faster today than yesterday. The classes are really interesting and very similar to those in Ohio, except for Spanish where it's hard-core Spanish speaking and I'm completely lost! That's not true, I know some of what their saying but it's hard to get the underlying meaning when I'm still trying to figure out how to say basic things. And I thought I talked fast!

Their school is very very pretty. I talked about it in the last blog, but I wanted to put some pictures up to get a general idea of what it looks like.

Stephanie putting her stuff in the car outside the school. 

This is the outside part of their school. You can see some of the upstairs classes on the right picture. It's very hot outside but the classrooms have air conditioning!

At their school, they have a rotating schedule of seven classes, only having six a day. Right before lunch, they have a period that is longer than all the others and today it was Spanish! I could sort of understand what the teacher was saying but after an hour, I got really tired. Trying to understand fast Spanish speakers es muy dificil (it's very difficult). I'm slowly start to pick up bits and pieces of what their saying. Sophia is determined to teach me a little Spanish each day and by the end I have to be able to have a conversation with her in Spanish. It's going to be har but it'll be helpful when I go back to school!

After school, the triplets had piano lessons. Stephanie's were at 3, then all three of them play at once from 4 to 5, and then Gladys and Sophia had lessons from 5-6! I got to watch all three of them play at once and it was very very cool! They are literally all sitting on the same bench, playing in different octaves at the same time. It was very inspiring! Gladys practiced for around two hours and is still practicing right now as we practice this! They are all really good.

 Gladys practicing the piano before her lessons! 

 Above are pictures of all three of the girls playing the piano at once. The top two, Stephanie had to stand and move around and play different keys! It was really enjoying to watch!

After that we went back to their house and ate dinner! We had rice and meat and potato salad! And then for dessert we had oreo cheesecake. While I'm not a fan of cheesecake, I enjoyed this kind! It didn't taste too much like cream cheese ;) All the girls are so nice. I know I've said this like a million times, but I can't stress it enough! I was worried that they might not get along or leave me stranded but they are so thoughtful! It's going to be hard to leave them all! Thankfully I have 10 days left! Plenty of time :)

Well I'm now sitting in their den where their Wifi is and working on my blog. The triplets have two tests tomorrow, Chemistry and Spanish! They have a lot of studying to do! And their little brother Miguel, is listening to music on his iPad. He loves Maroon 5, which I think is absolutely precious! He really liked the cars that I gave him and has been playing with them. It makes me feel special! Well, here are the other pictures I took today! Buena noche! Grace :)

One of the boys (Jorge) in my grade chilling during lunch! 

In media production, working on a project! (From left to right: Stephanie, Daniella, Mariola, and Gladys) 

Sophia :)

All of these are pictures of the "Conservatory". It's the building where the girls take their piano lessons.

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