Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 4- November 6th

Today was an amazing day! They just keep getting better and better. It's most likely because I finally know who everyone in the triplet's honor classes are. Everyone there is so thoughtful and sincere! It reminds me a lot of Maumee Valley except they are all speaking Spanish! The building isn't as "modern" as MV, but it's really nice. I woke up this morning, got ready as usual, and we went to school. Their first period was a Chemistry test, and I talked to the teacher a little bit during that! They're starting a new chapter on Friday and I will be able to learn it and then take the test on it on Friday. I think that will help me later when we learn in it my Chemistry class! So far it's my favorite class their :)

The honors class also had a Spanish test today, and I just sat at the front of the class and waited for them to be done. That class is so hard in my opinion because the language is so fast! I've said it so many times, but I'm so lost most of the time! Oh, well. It's helping my Spanish which is the overall goal!

It was Mariola's birthday today! She turned sixteen :) It was awesome to experience that! The girls brought her a Reese's cheesecake and everyone sang to her and Dreuh got her a fluffy penguin which was adorable! Here are some pictures of that experience!

The reason some of them aren't in uniforms is because it was a blue casual day. They do casual days and if you do wear casual clothes, you have to pay a dollar because they give the money to a different organization each time! Today it was for diabetes. I think that's really clever and efficient! They're school has a lot of good ideas like that one!

I met another one of their classmates Ella today because she was sick the past two days! Again, super nice and amazing, just like all of them! I love all the people here and it's going to be really hard to leave ): I don't even want to think about it right now!!

We always sit with the same group of people at lunch and they are really funny (when I can understand them). Today Sophia took one of the boys', Joseph's, phone and he was walking around asking everyone where it was. I felt so bad! They did give it back though; it was just some friendly keep away!

In their media production class, they have to do a public service announcement and I'm going to be in the video with one of the groups. It's going to be really interesting! Maybe when we finish one of the group members will send it to me and I can post on here! Shhh don't tell them ;)

After school, Stephanie had swim practice and Gladys went to work at the hospital. What she was doing, I'm not sure but it sounds really interesting! Sophia and I hung out and played a lot of games on our phones. We also ate and I had a bit too many pieces of candy but that's ok because it was totally worth it! We watched a little bit of Law and Order: SVU and I felt like I was at home! Today was by far the best day out of all of them! I feel like I finally am not just "the exchange student" but also Grace. I really like making new friends, especially in different places. I hope I will be able to keep in touch with all of them!!

There are a couple of things that I want to mention that I've noticed while staying in Puerto Rico. First, when you great someone, you don't shake hands, you place your cheeks together and "kiss" each other's cheeks. It's strange for me because we don't do it at home! I'm sure when I get home I'll be so used to doing that, that I'll accidentally do that! Secondly, the traffic here is awful! Sometimes it's like there are no rules at all that anyone needs to follow and it's a little scary. I'm sure we've almost gotten in at least 5 minor accidents. I will not miss that very much! But everything else, I will.

I can't stress enough how much I love this place1 It's absolutely wonderful and I can't believe I'm actually here! The girls have a younger brother Miguel, and as I said before, he's in love with Maroon 5. He plays it EVERY night and knows all the words! It's so adorable!!

I've started to speak a little bit of Spanish to the girls mostly but some of the other students. One boy named Roberto in particular announce whenever I say something basic like "Por favor" or "¿Est├ís bien?". I think it's funny! I do know some Spanish! It's just hard to understand when they talk so fast and have a very different accent than I do! I'm hoping I get better!

Here are more pictures that I took today! I'm going to go get a brownie :) ¡Hasta luego!

In English class, watching The Scarlet Letter. On the left, Roberto is sleeping on Mariola's penguin that she got for her birthday.  

I fishtail braided Sofia's hair! 

Jorge hid in the trunk today to scare Gladys!

Her reaction (that smile!)

I put some brownie mix on Miguel's nose! He is just adorable!! 

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  1. Hello Grace!
    I'm really enjoying your blogs and living vicarously through your experiences at Commonwealth Prep. I know Ruth Hernandez very well and she is a wonderful, fun person--full of life and always positive and happy! So I know what you mean about lovely
    people who are welcoming and enjoy their friends.
    It sounds like you are tuning your ear and your mind to think and respond in Spanish.
    Now you know how our international students feel and how hard they have to work
    to listen so carefully to simple conversations and academic information and directions in class. There some empathy that you are gaining!
    Yes, the food is excellent and I think plantains are the best...some of the best food ever,
    I have enjoyed in San Juan at a simple outdoor stand.
    Plus the weather is gorgeous and welcoming...I'm sorry the mosquitoes are after you!
    Many of the simpler houses don't even have glass in their windows, they just let the breezes blow through! Plus the flowers!!
    I'm so happy you are enjoying it yourself to these wonderful experiences!
    Mrs. Koelsch