Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 5- November 7th

Today was a lazy day, but a comfortable one. I finally feel like I'm being myself with all of the people here, which is what I came here to do. First period I decided to take the Mythology quiz and it was not very hard at all. She had four extra point questions so even if you got 4 wrong, you still got a 100%. I like the Mythology class and I wish that MV had a class like that.

Mariola took her drivers test today and got her license! It's very different here. They get their temps now but it's different from ours. They don't have to take classes or anything and just go in and take the test. I'm not completely sure how it works but it's interesting!

Nothing extremely special happened today. Well except some of the boys at school messed around when the girls grandma was picking us up. Every day after school they just get in the car and act like goof-balls. That's teenage boys for ya! After school we all came back to the house and I ate dinner with all of the girls for the first time. Usually one of them has something to do and can't be there. Together they are all hilarious and wonderful! We had meat and potatoes and afterwords Gladys went to practice the piano, Sophia went to study, and I went to my room. I meant to only listen to music and play on my iPhone but I ended up falling asleep. Whoops ;)

When I woke up I went into the Art Room where they have the interent and just started wasting time on youtube, just like if I was home. What do ya know, back to old habits. Anyways Sophia and Gladys went to volleyball practice and Stephanie and I were sitting here. I found this really interesting movie on youtube called The Laramie Project. It's really interesting and I'm currently distracting myself while Stephanie does her homework so I don't bug her when she studies. Stephanie had to put her little brother Miguel to bed and she came in and said that he wanted me to come say goodnight to him! How cute! He understand and can speak to me in English and I'm just thinking "Your five and you know better Spanish than me AND English!" It's just really interesting to see the culture here and how they interweave both Spanish and English. They speak a lot of Spanglish. Sometimes they will try be speaking in Spanish and then just suddenly say an English word instead. At least then I know what they are saying!

Most of the students in the honors class that I've become friends with always get so excited when I attempt to speak Spanish. It's intimidating because they expect so much of me and I don't even know what the word "intimidating" is in Spanish! But I guess that's why I'm here.

The mosquitos are eating me alive here! When I'm at home I thought they were bad to me but I'm fresh meat here and it's getting ridiculous. They've somehow breached my very high security room and I'm about to go crazy! I am even putting on bug spray but it doesn't do anything. I've given up trying to kill them because I just look stupid holding my hands above my head and staring at a small bug that doesn't even look like it's there to anyone else. Lets just hope I'm not covered in them by the time I leave!

I sort of miss the coolness of Ohio but not that much. I know that once I go back I will be pleading for warmth. Everyday I'm here, it seems to get more difficult to think about leaving. The people (as I've said so many times you're probably groaning right now) are fantastic. The place is new and exciting and the food is really really tasty. I'm really going to miss it here. Day 5 means only 8 days left. Which may seem like a long time but they are going to go by really really fast!

Anyways it's 9:45 here and I just get more tired as the days go on from trying to be lively during the day ;) ¡Hasta maƱana!

History Class! (Gladys, Daniella, and Dreuh) 

Some of the boys getting into the car. And on top of it. 

 Roberto is the sassy one. 

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