Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 8- November 10th

Today we woke up at 8 because we decided we wanted to go to Old San Juan! We left around 9:30, dropped off our bags at the girls house, and then went to Old San Juan! After parking we met the girl's aunt's there. We then got on the trolley until we drove up to one of the forts in there. It was really amazing! There was a lot of lawn space and it was really windy! It was right by the ocean and it was so sunny! I can't believe it's basically like this all the time here! It'll be a shock when I return back to the cold of Ohio!

We walked around and took a lot of pictures. It was a really cool old building and I'm glad I went! After we were done looking around we walked over and got snow cones! Ella met us there and we ate our snow cones while we waited for the girl's aunts. After we met them we walked over to a nice little pizza place to eat lunch/dinner. We got a pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and green peppers and it was delicious! The girls and I talked a lot about Winterim, and my school compared to there's, and stuff like Prom and class trips. Ella asked me if the people at their school had a "twin" at my school, meaning if there was anyone here that reminded me of someone at home. I thought about it and realized that there really wasn't. Both of the school are really unique, both in the education and the people there! I like it that way :)

After pizza we got Ben and Jerry's milkshakes (I got a mint chocolate chunk one). I must have drunk it too fast because I got a little stomach ache! There's a lesson: don't get too excited about ice cream! We all know it's going to happen again though. We then walked to the car and drove home! It sounds like we didn't do much but it was actually a fun day of just touristy like looking around! Oh, and Miguel lost a second tooth! I'm lucky to have been here to experience that!

Now we are back at the house and Gladys is playing the piano, and Sophia and Stephanie are doing homework. They have to learn the some of the elements from the periodic table for tomorrow! I'm hoping to show them quizlet because I think it would be very useful for them! Anyway, I have a lot of pictures so here you go!

A lot of pictures today!!! Enjoy :)

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