Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 9- November 11

It's Monday everyone! It's always the hardest day to get out of bed and I definitely felt it today!! We went to school like normal. During snack time I thumb wrestled Stephanie and Jorge and Julian. It was really entertaining because my thumb is so small compared to everyone's but I have a strategy :) I have made a lot of good friends here and I hope they think I'm half as awesome as they are! I don't feel like so much of an outsider any more (even though every day someone comes up and asks me where I'm from). During the long period, a woman who works in the building wanted to interview me about why I chose CPS, what my experience has been, and about me. I believe it was for a promotional video for their school but I don't know for sure. It was cool but I'm not used to being interviewed and recorded. I have to edit the video tonight and send it to her.

After school, Gladys had to record a video so we stayed after until 4. The video was for something this friday called Noche Puertorriqueña. I believe it's a night to celebrate Puerto Rico. Their history class is making videos (in Spanish) for this night that they are going to show. We are going on Friday and I'm really excited to see what else will be going on!

After that, nothing extremely exciting happened today. It was just like a regular day. Stephanie didn't go to her swim class because her ear is bothering her, and their parents come home tonight. I'm really tired but we are going to make brownies now! They are so good so I better get to it :)

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