Thursday, November 14, 2013

Days 11 and 12- November 13th and 14th

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. We woke up, went to school and had the normal classes and the girls didn't have anything going on after school. The class that we didn't have media production so it went History then Math then snack then Chemistry then Mythology then Spanish and then English. In Mythology we watched the beginning of the Avengers because why not! That's one of my favorite movies so I was pretty excited about that. I was quoting the movie for most of the time and Pedro, one of the boys in that class, was pretty amused by it. In English, the class decided that on Friday (tomorrow) they are going to have a go away party for me. Ah that makes me sad! I don't want to leave! Here some pictures from Wednesday:

Our daily drawings

 Roberto fell asleep while "reading".                                                Thursday was the Poe-fest!

Side shot of their school 
Look at how ridiculously good Stephanie's drawing is.

This morning I woke up and was really tired for no reason! I even went to bed at 9 last night! I must miss my bed a little bit ;) Anyway, we went to school and the first class was Math with a test. Then after that was Chemistry with a Mini Quiz and review for the test that will be first period tomorrow! I can't believe today was my second to last day at Commonwealth. It hasn't even registered to me yet! It's crazy and makes me sad): I feel so lucky to have gone here in the first place though! It has been an amazing experience and tomorrow will be very sad. 

Today for mythology, the kids had to dress up like Norse gods and the costumes were really fun! I love that they were required to dress up for a project, it made it fun and exciting :) The 9th graders also had their Poe fest today so I got to go see that. They showed videos that they made and there were games that some how related to Edgar Allan Poe. It was really cool! I got to go down and see that during English class. Then in media production we finished filming the PSA and almost finished editing it! There are a lot of fun projects that the students get to do here that are creative and cool! 

After school, Gladys had a doctors appointment that I went to while Stephanie and Sophia went to the orthodontist. We didn't get home until around 4 and ate right away. Then Sophia made me an oreo milkshake (which I drank way too fast!). It was really good though! Tonight is the last night I will be sleeping in this house because tomorrow we will be going to their dad's house! We are planning to stay up late and watch movies for my last night in Puerto Rico! Also at their school it's Noche Puertorriqueña and I'm really excited to see what that's like! Here are my pictures for today!! Until tomorrow :) 

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