Saturday, November 9, 2013

Days 6 and 7- November 8th and 9th

Yesterday was crazy busy! It started out normal, classes were good. The 8th grade class had a cook out and I got to try something called paella. It was rice with a bunch of stuff in it and it was really good! The rice here is always really really fantastic :) I took the Math quiz and the Chemistry quiz but I'm not sure how those went. I hope ok! I'm going to take the Chemistry test on Friday because she wants me to so we will see how it goes!

Anyways, after school, we had to drop Gladys off for her music lessons at 3. Then we rushed over to the girls house to pack because we are staying at their grandma's this weekend since their mom is out of town. It was very crazy! Then we went back to the Conservatory where the girls take music lessons so they could go to their class. The first one they had to sit and listen to other students in the class play some of the pieces they were working on and then talk about what the noticed. It was an hour long and all the people who played were really good! It was really amazing.

After that class they had to go to another one that was music theory. They do these classes as part of a music program and will get a diploma for it. I'm guessing it will also look really good on college applications. I played on my phone for most of that class because they were just working on reading the music and I am no expert in that!

After that we went to a restaurant called Macaroni Grill. It's one of those restaurants where they lay paper down on the table and you can draw on it with crayons. Anyways, we were all drawing and Stephanie accidentally spilled water on the table! It was really funny (and cold). I ordered the four cheese ravioli and it was good! I was very full by the end of it though so I couldn't finish the last two! Oh, and Miguel lost his first tooth there! ¡Que cool!

After we were done we were walking out and we came across some of the kids from the school going to see a movie there. We talked to them until the people started to turn off the lights!

When we got to their grandmas apartment, you could hear the ocean from upstairs! It's so close I can almost feel the salt in the air. They blew up an air mattress for me and I basically passed out immediately. I was soo tired and still am!

The next morning we woke up at 9. Miguel had received $10 from "el raz√≥n" or the mouse which is equivalent to the tooth fairy back home. We ate breakfast and then Stephanie, Sophia, Miguel, and I went down to the beach and hung out there for a couple of hours! Gladys stayed in the apartment and studied. On the beach, we hung out and talked and put our feet in the water. We also did the cool sun tan lotion tattoos which came out better than expected but only lasted from like 30 minutes.

After we stayed at the beach for a while we went back up to eat lunch. Mariola invited us to go to the beach by her house and then watch a movie afterwards so we went around 2:40. We stayed outside for a long time and talked and ate a lot of food and played with the volleyball. It was really fun but I got really sandy! I think the worst feeling in the world is being having sand all over your body! I was going crazy!

After we hung out on the beach, we went inside and watched Paranormal Activity 4. I also jump with those movies but end up laughing afterwards because they are so idiotic. It was really fun because there were a lot of girls there and everyone was screaming! We ate pizza and just hung out! It was really fun!

Now I'm back to their grandma's apartment, showered and extremely tired. We are waking up at 7:30 tomorrow to go to San Juan and I'm exhausted! I should go to sleep probably(: Until tomorrow (when I post my blog on time).

Friday Pictures:

Gladys, Mariola, Sophia, and Stephanie in home room before our first class. 

                          Jorge in Media Production.                                      Ella editing her music video!

                   Dreuh and Gladys in history class.              Sophia and Mariola playing men for their video.

                                                Paola, Gladys, and Jorge reading my blog.

Stephanie, Jorge and Paola sitting at the table during lunch. 

 After school we saw this guy riding his bike. 

 The girls in their music classes. First picture in music theory and second Gladys playing the piano!

Say "Cheese"! 

                     My fantastic art work.                                                       Just spilled a little water.

 Aren't we super cute? 

Miguel lost his first tooth!! 

Phantom of the Opera drawing by Stephanie

I've made some friends 

Some good friends.

And Miguel is out!!

Saturday Pictures: 

                          Sophia eating breakfast                             The beach outside their grandmas house

A cool tattoo from putting sunblock on and then tanning!          Stephanie and Gladys in the elevator

At Mariola's!

On the beach

Miguel got tired again! 

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